Winning With Webinars Course

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Module 1: Why we should be looking at Webinars? - In this module, GB gives the top 10 reasons why we should be looking at webinars.

Module 2: How to perfect your webinar - In Module 2 of this course, GB explains how you can take the presence online, how to engage, communicate and connect in the best way via webinar and make your webinars super effective.

Module 3: Objective to do a webinar - GB explains the top 10 reasons to have an objective to do a webinar

Module 4: How to deliver a webinar in 7 days - You will be introduced to complete step by step process to deliver a webinar in just 7 days.

Module 5: The Equipment - You will be introduced to the best equipment to deliver the perfect webinar.

Module 6: The Lights - The importance of proper lightening in the webinar, what are the ultimate lights, what’s the ideal number of lights and many more is discussed in this Module.

Module 7: The Marketing - In this module, GB explains “The 7 must do’s” for the best marketing of your webinar.

Module 8: The 5 part webinar creation formula - Part 1 and part 2 of the webinar creation formula is briefly explained in this module.

Module 9: The Templates - Part 3 and part 4 of the creation formula is explained in this module.

Module 10: A recap of all last 9 modules and what further modules hold - Detailed recap and brief process of next upcoming modules is discussed by GB in this Module.

Module 11: The Templates #2 - In this module, you will be introduced to Taki’s pitch deck planner and a 6 step by step process to implement the strategy perfectly.

Module 12: From Telling to Selling - The journey from telling to selling and doing it seamlessly and the power of models, is briefly explained in this video.

Module 13: GB’s webinar breakdown - A brief discussion on how GB’s journey of webinar started from April 18th till date and the pro co analysis of webinars.

Module 14: The path to perfection - The entire webinar checklist is explained in this particular module.

Module 15: You will be introduced to the 8 must do’s in a webinar.

Module 16: 10X your Deck - 6 top Points for a great deck

Module 17: Conclusion - How do you gauge webinar success and how to start planning for your next webinar and much more.

It’s time to get your webinar delivered with Perfection and get 10X results
In this power-packed course, you will be introduced to top secrets.

Why you should be looking at webinars and online talks.

  • The top 10 reasons to be using this medium.
  • Things you will need to take care of when starting.
  • The platforms & the software.
  • The various types of equipment you should look at.
  • How to market and promote your talks.
  • The webinar statistics to watch out for.
  • The winning with webinars template.
  • The 5 parts of an online talk.
  • Using models and diagrams for impact in your presentation.
  • A break down of a great webinar and the step by step thought behind each step.
  • The path to perfection. 8 online must dos.
  • What to Do After the Webinar and tools of automation.
  • The webinar checklist.
  • What to do from the planning stage to the execution stage of your talk.
  • How to 10X your deck.
  • How to gauge success.
  • What you need to do next.

Why you should get this course?
  • To know the best platform, proven strategies, perfect solution to deliver your webinar and online talk and get maximum results.
  • Its time to get your message and your brand out there to the world with the WWW: Winning with Webinar Course by GB
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