Monthly Mentor Program Online Course

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Here’s a question to ask yourself…What’s holding you back or stopping you from being a 10Xer?

Connect with Gaurav Bhagat (GB), at the Monthly Mentor Program and remove any barriers.

This is one of the best programs designed by GB. It will help you claim your lives back with absolutely amazing tools, proven strategies and knowledge that you need to get your productivity back on track.

There is a host of things that holds us from achieving our true potential. It’s not necessarily your cell phone or your computer, but it’s harming us and stopping us from enjoying the lives we should have.

So, let’s get together with GB on the Mentor Program where you will be provided with various ways to identify your triggers and claim your life back. This is a bi-monthly call, bringing to the table like-minded, positive people to not just learn about a new topic, but also how to implement it within their organizations.

We dive deep into each topic, practice, review, and work together to bring out the best. This extremely cost-effective program is limited to only a hundred people from different industries & sectors who engage, gain, learn & experience the most dynamic things from each other.