Goal Setting By Gaurav Bhagat | Online Course

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Module 1

Introduction to Goals

Are you actually setting goals or do you have resolutions? Why does Goal setting fail and what we need to do differently.


Module 2

What are SMART Goals?

What they are and how do you set them. Also an example of picking one goal and checking it against all the parameters. We also discuss the importance of why and commitment.

You are introduced to the SWGB planner and how effective it is to set your goals just the right way. This Goal setting course will help you in not only planning your goal but also reviewing them, take action, and achieve them with the help of the Planner.

Module 3

Where did the SWGB Goal planner come from?

 My Goal setting journey, where it all began, and what was my thought process that led to the creation of the SWGB goal planner. 

 Module 4

In the six areas of your life that you should set goals.

A lot of times people are setting goals only in one or two areas of their lives and that leads to growth that is not balanced or sustainable. In this module, I talk about the 6 areas with examples.

 Module 5

How to use the SWGB Goal Planner

Here, I give you the step by step processes to set your goals using the SWGB planner and achieve them with ease. This module outlines how to use the planner, how should you take the weekly action steps, and more. All in all, this course accompanied by the planner will change your life forever.

Get this course and set your goals with confidence and enjoy the success and satisfaction that comes along with it.

 The reason
why this goal settings course was created,
was because there are so many,
....who fail to set their goals
and that’s primarily because people
have never been guided on how.
Also they’ve never had a system that
would see them all the way through.

This Goal setting  course and accompanying planner  will help you do just that.

We will not only help you in planning your goals but also review them, 

...take action, and 

... most importantly achieve them.

 So grab this course to set your goals with confidence and enjoy the success and satisfaction that comes along with it. 

 This goal setting course assures that you are certain to succeed not only in this program but in life

 Bonus 1

[PDF] Scaling with GB Goal Planner

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Lifetime access

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Discount voucher towards a physical SWGB Planner

Bonus 4

Action plan to prioritize and get things done effortlessly